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Ensure Security with Caring Defensive Driving Course Calgary

Defensive Driving Course helps to get 3 Demerits points back Many times you receive discounts on auto insurance for taking courses that make you a better, more defensive driver. Defensive driving courses often involve a review of basic car maintenance, traffic laws, driving techniques, drug and alcohol education and environmental hazards. Drivers must successfully complete and pass the state-certified course in order to be eligible for the discount. Age limitations may apply depending on your state.


1. Driver competency model
2. SWDS system of defensive driving
3. Adverse conditions
4. Most common collisions
5. Rear end collisions
6. Backing collisions
7. Intersection collisions
8. Other Collisions
9. Vehicle in front collisions
10. Passing and being passed collisions
11. Head on collisions
12. Bicycle collisions
13. Motorcycle collisions
14. Train collisions
15. Wildlife collisions
16. Drinking, driving and drugs
17. Fatigue
18. Distraction
19. Cellular phone related collisions
20. personal Quires

Common Standards for Defensive Driving Discounts

Defensive Driver discounts may vary in standards and requirements, but will often include the following:
Complete/Pass an approved defensive driving course from certified driving school like SWDS.
Take a defensive driving class once every several years to maintain the discount.
Often,only one defensive driving discount is allowed per car.
Average Discount after completing Defensive Driving Course is : 5% – 15%


Minimum 6 hours as per Alberta Government regulations

Online Defensive Driving Course,is designed to reinforce the information. SWDS makees sure that must acheve minimum 80% in order to qualify for a 3 demerit point reduction from an Alberta operator’s license. After successful completion of ONLINE DEFENSIVE DRIVING PROGRAM, Certifiction of copletion will be issued.
You will learn key aspects of driving safely and efficiently, including how to deal with intersections and out of way regulations, the key foundations of driving in a defensive and intelligent manner, and how to deal with the potential for collisions. All of this information can be used to help you to be the best driver. The trustworthy driving instructors of the Safeway driving school make sure, that you will have sufficient knowledge and expertise to be a safe driver. Safeway driving school tries to make entire process convenient and enjoyable so you can drive safer than you’ve ever done before.

Residentes of calgary, Alberta are eligible for a 3 demerit reduction once every 2 years.Non-Alberta Residents can take this program, but they will not qualify to receive the 3 demerit point reduction;they only receive an online course completion certificate.

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