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Comprehensive Guide on Passing Driving Test Calgary


Class 7 Driving license also known as Learner's operator license, it is the first license you must obtain in Canada. You have to remain a learner for 2 years before you can get your first full class-5 license. The province of Alberta requires that the Learner's operator license (class 7) holder attend a 25-Hour driver education course for beginners and 21-hour driver education course for class 5 none GDL holder in order to be legible for insurance incentives (deduction).

  • Fifteen (15) hours are designed forclassroom or online instruction
  • Ten (10) hours for beginners and six (6) hours for class 5 none-GDL;designated for behind-the-wheel lessons, normally referred to as in-car instruction.

Knowledge test preparation---$150 only

Class 7 Course Outline

In this course students will learn the basic traffic laws.Students will participate in classroom lectures and discussions, watch videos, review over-head slides and also have one on one instruction from our certified professional driving instructors.

In Class or Online Course Outline:

  • Motor Vehicle Traffic Laws
  • Vehicle operating instructions
  • Basic car maneuvers
  • Driving in bad weather
  • Highway driving
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Aggressive driving and road rage risks
  • Hazard recognition and collision avoidance
  • The effects of alcohol and drugs while driving
  • Fatigued and drowsy driving risks
  • Vehicle malfunctions and maintenance

Behind-the-wheel lessons

The student will learn basic vehicle maneuvers, receive parallel, up and down hill parking practice, highway driving instruction and will be prepared to take the road test once they show that they are competent enough to drive independently.

Discounted Driving Course of 25 hours in $550 only

7 Top most reasons to choose Safeway Driving School,Calgary

  • Safety First,Safeway driving School provides the latest vehicles with the best safety features and up-to-date equipment.
  • Certified,experienced and friendly trainers
  • At SWDS we have multiligual instructors to brech the communication gape for better learning experiance specially for foreigners, We speak,Spanish, English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi
  • We offer the most competitive rates in industry despite our top notch training programs
  • We have properly distributed our training programs into theoretical and behind-the-wheel training.
  • We have designed tests to simulate the written and oral exam during your driving test to obtain the license.
  • driving test day warm up,it really works as a stree buster

At Safeway driving school Calgery we take our work Seriously and we try to make it as simple as possible for you to work with us. Certified and friendly trainers of Safeway driving School,calgary take pride to help class 7 test preparation for both written and behind the wheel. Written test for Class 7 Learner's operator license is offered at the registries Registry in Calgary There is enough room to educate yourself to become an expert driver.You can take Bruh up course at safeway driving School,Calgary to shine your driving skills. A defensive driving course is a great way to reduce your insurance costs and become a safe driver on the roads of Calgary in extreme weather conditions.

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