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Get Trained For Calgary Drivers Test Class 5 By Safeway Driving School

All drivers lived in Alberta are expected to participate in a licensing process that is completed gradually. The graduated licensing program or GDL is a two-part process that could take up to 2 years to complete. Typically, a learner at the age of 14 or 15 starts the GDL process by going to an authorized Alberta registry agent location to take a class 7 knowledge test. Safeway driving School Calgary,prepare you for the knowdledge test in just $150 Once passed, the student must hold a class 7 Learner's license for a minimum of 12 months without any infractions that could affect their eligibility at the time of a class 5 basic road test. This is the first of the two road tests required to obtain a full license.You can enroll into driver training at any time to enhance your driver's education and skills.

Class 5 & class 5 GDL Driving Lessons by Safeway driving school

Safeway driving School Calgary offers very decent price for Class 5 basic course,Full Class 5 GDL Course.After 12 month probationary period of holding a class 7 license, the driver will be eligible to take the first of the two road tests that are required to become a fully licensed driver. The first road test is known as the Class 5 basic road test which is half an hour long. A driver examiner will be present in the passenger seat to assess how you operate a vehicle on the road. Many students regardless of age or background face difficulties while taking this exam. Stress and anxiety are among the common issues facing drivers who wish to take the class 5 basic road test. This is especially true for individuals who are new to Alberta’s roads. Safeway driving School provides driver Education & Training for Class 5 course that can help you feel safe, confident, and prepared to take the class 5 basic road test. Our course is also designed to inspire safe and defensive driving habits, knowledge in emergency situations, and instilling proper driving procedures for years to come. There are also discounted insurance rates for completing driver education training too.More Info

A class 5 license permits you to drive any two axle single motor vehicle, including a moped but excluding a motorcycle.You will also operate a recreational vehicle with a trailer as long as the trailer has no more than 2 axles and is NOT equipped with air-brakes.


Upgrade from a Class 5 license to a Full GDL Class 5 license,

You must be;
• 18 years of age and older
• pass an advanced road test
• hold a probationary driver’s license – Class 5 for at least 2 years
• have no suspensions in your last year before applying for a full driver’s license
• Suspension will increase the time you must remain in the GDL program)
• Pass a Class 5 or Class 7 Advanced Road Test.
To prepare for the Class 5 driver test, you can download the driving rules booklet from the Alberta Government Website.

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Check eligibility to get a driver License in Calgary

There are 7 Classes (types) of driver‘s license in Calgary,Alberta. Your level of expertise and type of vehicle (you want to drive are) the basic merits to allocate you the license class. Class 7 is a learner’s license.New drivers must follow some steps before they can legally drive in the province.

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