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How to Maximize Chances to Get Calgary Drivers License

To make roads safer for people, every driver that sits behind the wheel must obtain the license to do so. A road test Calgary is highly recommended for folks living in this city because they have to come across the most difficult driving conditions that are possible. Calgary is a highly, in fact most populated, city in Alberta. The traffic conditions here can get pretty wicked. There is a reason why you must remain a learning driver for 2 years or more before you can obtain your full class-5 license. You have to realize that driving is much more than keeping in your lane and stop at red lights. Rush hours, angry drivers, heavy duty traffic, road accidents etc. are all things where your driving skills are naturally tested. You have to give proof of your understanding of these conditions and how you will tackle them during your road test Calgary. This is, therefore, highly recommended that you take proper and professional education from a driving school to climb the levels of your driving license.

There are seven different classes of driver licences in Alberta,class1 license,class2 license,class3 license,class4 license,Class5 license,Class6 license and class7 License. Licensing service give you liberty to drive any desired vehicle by qualifying required class license test.No doubt,It takes passion and practice to be a safe driver. An Alberta driver's licence is proof of your privilege to drive. You must carry it with you whenever you drive.Safeway driving school is offering afordable,safe and coustmised lesssons for all lincese types along with GDL and defensive learning programs.

Class 1 Professional

Allows you to drive:
• Any four wheel vehicle Read more

Class2 license

Be a Professional bus driver)

Allows you to drive:
Any motor vehicle that the holder of a Class 3, 4 or 5 driver’s licence is allowed to drive
• A bus
• A Class 1 or 6 vehicle as a learner.

Class 3 License

Professional (3 axles or more)

Allows you to drive:
• Any motor vehicle that Class 5 licence holder may drive
• A motor vehicle with 3 or more axles
• A motor vehicle with 3 or more axles that is towing a trailer with one or more axles (if the trailer is not equipped with airbrakes)
• A Class 2 or 4 type vehicle without passengers (bus, taxi, ambulance)
• A Class 1, 2 or 6 vehicle as a learner

Class 4 License

(Help to Be a Professional taxi/ ambulance /bus driver)

Allows you to drive:
• a taxi, ambulance or bus (including a school or kindergarten bus) that seats fewer than 25 people including the driver
• all motor vehicles included under Class 5
• a Class 1, 2, 3 or 6 vehicle as a learner


  • Knowledge test permit
  • Medical (completed by a physician) for Class 2 and 4
  • Current Insurance and Registration for the vehicle you are driving
  • If the vehicle you will be driving has air breaks,an air break endorsement is required

Class5, Full Class5 license-GDL

2 axle, car, light truck, motor home, or moped

Allows you to:
• drive a two-axle single motor vehicle
• drive a motorhome without airbrakes unless you hold an air brake certificate
• tow a trailer with one or more axles if the trailer is not equipped with airbrakes
• drive a moped, a recreational vehicle, or any combination of recreational vehicles and a trailer,if the trailer has two axles or less, and isn’t equipped with airbrakes

Class 5 BASIC and Full Class 5(Graduate Driving License)Road Test Requirements

Applicant's Alberta Operator’s Licence or Learner’s Licence.
Current Insurance and Registration for the vehicle you are driving.
*see Graduated Driver’s Licence (GDL) for more details.

Class 6

Motorcycle & moped

Allows you to drive:
• a motorcycle or moped
• all other motor vehicles under class 5 as a learner.
If you already have a Class 5 driver’s licence, Safeway driving School’ll help you to take a Class 6 knowledge and road tests.
If you don’t already hold a Class 5, you’ll need to complete all the requirements of a Class 7, pass a Class 6 road test, and be placed in the GDL program before you can get a full Class 6 licence.

Class 7 Operator's learner license

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The best thing is that you can take class 7 driving test Calgary online from SWDS.It’s best to join a professional school where an experienced driver can tell you the ins and outs of driving as a learner. Class 7 license is the first license you obtain, and so you don’t want to start on the wrong foot. Any failure with this test can be a huge push back for your confidence in the coming driving tests.

Allows you to drive:
• a moped
• other class 5 or 6 vehicles as a learner

Read more about Class 7 Operater learner test

Taking the Calgary drivers test for any of these vehicles requires you to be aware of all the minor and major details that differentiate its driving from driving another vehicle. For example, driving a truck is a completely different experience from driving a regular sedan. To understand the intricate details of driving these different types of vehicles, you need to join a driving school. This driving school should have the vehicles that you are looking to obtain the license for. They must also pose the real conditions during your training so you understand why and how driving a bus is different from a car or truck. SWDS offers 3 demerit points back defensive Driving Course,Brush Up course,Auto Insurance reduction course,online courses and customized lessons per your need.

Knowledge Test Preparation in $150 only

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