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Best Driving Lessons/Courses by professionally licensed instructors in Calgary

At Safeway Driving School (SWDS)Calgary have all professionally licensed instructors and well designedbest driving lessons,(SWDS)offers Government Approved Courses Safeway Driving School offers the most comprehensive instructional,affordable and friendly confidence building programs in the town – with very competitive price. we have licensed instructors with more than 10 years of experience.

We can facilitate our prestige clients with multilingual lady instructors too, especially for Class 7,Class 5 driving lessons and new immigrants,training by a bilingual driving instructer makes learning more comfortable and fun.

There is always a room to improve ourselves,same goes for the ever-changing world of driving, We started the safeway driving school to help, educate and improve drivering skills all across the Calgary. Safeway Driving School Calgory is offering well-designed friendly and effective best driving lessons,that is built towards improving your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. This is very important and will play a big role in you getting the kind of education that you need; we’ll concentrate on your own driving needs, rather than just a generic course that covers the basics. As driving experts we know what it takes to get on the roads and be a success, so contact us HERE if you’d like to learn our secrets to driving.

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Please find Course details for Class 5 Basic or Class 5 GDL driving course on Class5 basic & GDL driver license

Discounted Driver Course for Class 7 Learner's operator license is listed on Class 7 discounted course

Get 3 demerit points back Insurance reduction Defensive Driving Course details are here on Defensive Driving Course

Driver's Education, educates you about the driver license state regulations,registries,International license permit,Exchange,reciprocal countries for driver license exchange criteria and much more.

Driver Education for Calgary Drivers

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25 of May, 2016

Full Driving Course

As dedicated driving experts with more than 10 years of teaching experiance combined with the road practicles makes our trainers the best. You can trust the Safeway dring school for your young car learner or for any professional task.We teach a driving school style that is effective and easy to manage, and will always help you learn something along the way.

10 of April, 2016

Your Safety

You will learn key aspects of driving safely and efficiently, including how to deal with intersections and out of way regulations, the key foundations of driving in a defensive and intelligent manner, and how to deal with the potential for collisions. We are more than happy to helping you to learn every step.